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The Reformed Spirits Company Group is a partnership between Living Capital and David Bromige, which creates and develops unique drinks brands from scratch. The Group consists of brand owning companies, in-house design and marketing, export companies in Malta and the UK as well as marketing, sales and import/distribution in the UK and US.


The Group identifies moribund categories in the drinks industry that are in need of innovation and develops better products to revitalise consumer choice and thereby interest. The company was formed shortly after David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh started developing Martin Miller’s Gin with Martin Miller.


With the launch of Martin Miller’s Gin in 1999 the group kicked-off the gin renaissance. The brand has since gone on to win more gold and platinum awards than any other gin in the last decade, counted by the number of wins at the 4 most respected competitions of the World Spirits Competition, San Francisco Spirits Competition, ISC and IWSC. The Reformed Spirits Company sells Martin Miller’s Gin to over  150 distributors and importers across the world and is present in at least 70 countries and across 40 states in the US. With sales of 1 million bottles per year the brand is not only the leading super premium gin but also the world’s largest independently owned gin brand. In January 2018 Zamora Company, having previously held a 10% stake in the brand acquired all other minority shareholders' stakes as well as shares from Living Capital, making it the majority shareholder of Martin Miller’s Gin, with Living Capital Ltd retaining a minority shareholding. 1. Jacob and David retained their roles of CEO and Creative Director of Martin Miller’s Gin for a two year period. In January 2020 Zamora further increased their shareholding. Jacob will remain CEO during a period of 2020. Jacob and Andreas are still board members.


While promoting Martin Miller’s Gin in 2003 the group came across the issue of the poor quality of tonic available for making one of the most iconic drinks in the world. This led to the development of Fever-Tree Tonic, which the group launched in 2004, the original product was bottled in Iceland, like Martin Miller’s for the perfect G&T.


In 2005 The Reformed Spirits Company teamed up with Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow. Charles and Tim lead the continued development of Fever-Tree into a full range of mixers. The Reformed Spirits Company Group remained shareholders of Fever-Tree until 2013.


In 2000 The Reformed Spirits Company, together with two other partners re-launched Pölstar Vodka, a brand developed by David Bromige. The brand quickly became renowned for its Icelandic heritage and it’s iconic cucumber vodka; London’s favourite tipple in 2001. In the short space of around 18 months the brand took the leading position among premium vodkas in the London on-trade. The brand was sold to William Grants in 2002 and was subsequently rebranded Reyka. David Bromige and Living Capital went on to develop other brands through the Reformed Spirits Company. The two other partners went on to work with the acquirer on the continued development of the brand.


The latest and most exciting product to be launched by The Reformed Spirits Company is Wild-Arbor. A clear cream liqueur free from preservatives, gluten and lactose, it allows indulgence without compromise. With a brand promise to plant one tree for every bottle sold, it is kind not only to the body but also to the soul. Wild-Arbor allows you to indulge with a clear conscience.


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